Security & Surveillance


Our role is to help you ensure that your security measures and systems are relevant in our constantly changing security environment. We begin with a risk assessment to understand the plethora of security threats that you are confronted with in your daily operations. Having determined the risk exposure, we then formulate risk management or treatment of specific risks where measures may include physical barriers, manpower security, security procedures and electronic security systems.

We can also assist in implementing these measures as we have the resources under one roof. Be it security manpower, cash and valuables security, or data protection, we have the solution to help you safeguard your assets. With standard operating procedures designed to provide a consistent response in managing the security function, the security manpower is also continually trained to ensure operational currency in meeting the demands of the environment.

As the environment constantly changes, the security plan or blueprint must be regularly reviewed for relevance. This ensures that one’s safety and security well-being is never compromised.

To enhance our service to our clients, we also provide quality security electronic equipments, namely Digital Video Surveillance (DVS). With these equipments, we are able to provide better, effective and accurate information to our clients. These video captures of still or motion pictures will be proof of evidence of the actual incident incurred. Thus making effect of the relevant authority to capture and solve any unlawful incident, faster time frame.